Monday, September 13, 2010

woke up this morning with wild berries in my hair.

not every day will be full of the joy communicated in this tattoo. in fact, most won't. most will fall into dark well of a stacks of days gone by. piled high like faded dollar bills, the bottom promisary notes losing their value in your memory, falling victim to the inflation of growing old. falling apart with the damp mildew of time.
so when grey of of the monotony of everyday backs you into a wall, corners you like a red eyed possum, you have two choices. you look straight and back at the fanged animal of lethargy and boredom, it lips hungry, it's appetite never wavering as it looks to feast on the unsatisfied of the world. or you dream. you turn your back on the earthly monday and tuesdays of this world and drift into a world of hot summer saturday nights strung together like white and red lights down sunset blvd.

i woke up with my wild berries in my hair cos Critter came by again after way too long. he left them there to remind me my Monday was the real dream and I could wake up to him whenever i wanted.

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