Sunday, October 25, 2009

then i saw a strange and handsome fellow...

when i saw critter's shadow, played long by the low sun long against the hill next to pch, i got that good, warm, cognac stomach feeling--The one you remember as a kid when you finally became conscious christmas morning. I arrived home, and momentarily disappointed not seeing him camoflaged in my brown couch, i set down my bag and began fixing a salad. I knew it was him, there was no way to confuse what i saw there.
it was just a a matter of when.
as i was cutting my celery, a treasured part of my salad, i heard someone humming deep in the canyon. the music ran between the houses, gaining momentum as it richocheted off the unsuspecting houses, relaying words of magik and quark and strangeness and it think i finally smiled since the first fog in june. it was critter telling me he was home for a while, hummign hawking and making light.

dig it


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

an eye opened, long since sleep shut

as the rain fell. It seems like the heavy orange that follows summer like sharks do a cruise ship, got stuck up in my eyes, keeping me from seeing anything other than what i thought i should see. Any average reader, listener or successful citizen of life knows what that is: sun in the morning, cream in coffee, walking people that wave and people pretending. This is really our life. However, today as I squinted through the flapping wiper blades that droned on like the shiny bright dark days of my summer, and out of the corner of my eye, i saw something move in the tree line above PCH. Brown, quick and enormously sized yet small to the eye. I would have never see this thing had it not wanted to be seen. I smiled as I saw him wink as a few tree branches fell back into place.

Critter had come home, i would see him soon.