Wednesday, December 3, 2008

little people are full of faerie fire

Last week, I took to my wings and made my way to our country's heartland, Boulder CO where I spent time with my family and a lot of deer and Subaru Outbacks. I am not the first one to notice the amazing number of Subarus and similar vehicles in Boulder but it's still worth noting. In classic liberal counter culture fashion, they all look and talk the same up there. "Free Tibet." Everywhere. Why not "Free Kabrini Green?" or "Free New Orleans" or "Free Detroit." I guess they don't make for as compelling stickers/t-shirts. I assume most people in Boulder have not traveled to Tibet but somehow share some magical and deep affinity with its denizens. I have been to Detroit, south Chicago and New Orleans and I KNOW they need something more than what they have been dealt. And they are a lot closer to home than Tibet.

Anyway, I wore my "McCain is my homeboy" t-shirt and did not make many friends. Only the deer and my faerie nieces would talk to me and even they, with great reluctance. Little people are faeries.